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Channel 1 : Bair

Channel was an art game produced by a GCS team in Fall 2019. Channel explored a series of parent/child relationships that reflected stories shared by the developers. 

I joined with a group of 3 students to produce game 1 of this series, called A Bair in the Woods (shorted to simply: Bair). Bair is a puzzle game where you and your bear parental figure work together to get out of a mysterious forest. The game explores the relationship of a parent and child in the scope of a large/unfamiliar world. A child looks to their parent to understand this world, but what happens when the parent also does not fully understand?

Personal contributions:

  • Team Lead for Bair, organizing development pipelines.

  • Organized with artists a pipeline for producing levels that conformed to their vision.

  • Music/Sound production for games 1,2 (Bair in the Woods and Door, respectively).

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